Monday, April 25, 2011

What is weird management?

You may be asking yourself - what is "weird management" and why should I care? Here is why:
1) Weird, according to my circa 1998 Webster Dictionary states: "Having an extraordinary or strange character." (This is right up my alley).
2) Management, according to Peter Drucker the guru of management (in my humble opinion)  is succiently described as: "Management and managers are the specific need of all institutions, from the smallest to the largest. They are the specific organ  of every instituion. They are what holds it together and makes it work" (Drucker, 2008, p. 2).

So this is a blog about the extraordinary "organ" called management. How is that for weird! And a catchy title in the competitive blog-o-sphere. As a teacher and student of management I am always struck how few people understand and practice this most basic and fundamental skill and process. Essentially the act of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Now while that may not seem so "weird," what is weird is how few organizations recognize the necessity of this very basic task and try to sustain it and support it. And likely that is why it is so often diminished because of its "basic" nature - people assume they can manage because they can breath, walk upright, and chew gum at the same time - WRONG!

Now full disclosure - I am NOT an expert on management. At 48 years of age and, although I've spent countless hours studying, researching, teaching, and practicing management, I am not remotely close to the required time to be considered an expert (1 million hours should do it!). I decided to start this blog as an opportunity to share and impart some of my experiences as a student (Ph.D.), teacher (adjunct faculty at Eastern CT State University), and practioner (multiple positions in private, non-profit, and public sector jobs). Also, to learn from you!

After hearing that my only sibling had his second heart attack (first at 36, he's now 45) yesterday on Easter Sunday, I realized time is short. If it hadn't been for a well-timed phone call from my father and the decisive actions of my 13 year old niece, he would likely be dead. My niece saved her daddy and helped me to recognize the need to get off my butt do what I do well before it's too late:  write, teach, and advise. I've spent the last few years languishing in the hopes that opportunities would present themselves to me instead of the other way around - I'm taking charge as well as you all should before our time is up on this crazy planet!

So this is what you can expect from these posts:
  • Weird and obscure facts about management.
  • Mistakes and successes in management.
  • Case studies 
  • Weird analogies and insights relating life to management
  • Perspective 
  • Resources
Again - I know you are probably thinking - hmmm really? What does this mean for me, I'm not a manager. WE ARE ALL MANAGERS! We manage our lives every day and work, experience, suffer through management that regularly mess with our heads. When was the last time that you went into a restaurant and thought after getting a cold cheese burger and fries or was confronted by a rude server: "WOW! Somebody needs to tell the manager"? Or how about when you are working on a project at work or a  social club, church committee, college class project and realized the person who was leading it had no clue how to manage people and tasks!  Everyone can benefit from this multi-faceted 'organ' that enables us to move effectively and efficiently through this chaos called life!

So there you have it - this is the end of this first diatribe - now it's up to you to decide whether you think it's worth the effort to read (I promise, I'll keep future posts shorter).

Welcome to Weird Management!

Lisa D. McRoberts Ph.D. (abd)
Adjunct Professor of Business Management
Eastern CT State University

Drucker, P. F. (2008). Mangement (Revised Ed.). New York, NY: Harper Collins.

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