Tuesday, August 9, 2011

#12 - Amy Winehouse, a unique individual!

RIP Amy!

As is the nature of the entertainment industry, it is wrought with it's critiques - those who don't particularly like or agree with what a unique talent is doing. One has to be really brave to try to break into this elitist and often degrading industry since ones bones will be picked dry by vultures called paparazzi, tabloids, industry big wigs, promoters, PR agents, and an abundant list of others who look to sponge off  talented individuals and their business naivete. And to think, people are clamoring to break into the entertainment industry in just about any way possible; no thanks, I'll pass.

From my perspective this is a very common phenomenon within any industry where someone looks to break out (or into) and do things differently or create fundamental change. Change is feared and unique individualism is scrutinized. It's one of the reasons I think that America is economically "stuck" - any new ideas are squelched by cronyism. While technology is running along at breakneck speed (because by golly - too many people are making money at it), America remains rooted to very out-dated and staid thinking.

Take for example public education - walk into any school in this country (except for maybe a few charter schools) and each one will replicate the same pedagogical model: sit at your desk and listen to your teacher. But it doesn't work any more - kids are dropping out, failing, or just not learning enough to advance to the next phase of growth, e.g. dynamic problem solving and creative thinking are stilted and squashed resulting in social and economic inertia!

We could learn from this travesty of Amy and others - those who look to break out usually break down.

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