Thursday, February 9, 2012

WM #17 - Brilliant Ideas

Where does all the time go? I realized today I have failed to post anything since November. I get all of these great (and weird) ideas/thoughts and  forget to spend any time actually sharing them. Do you ever wonder how many brilliant (and not so brilliant) ideas are  lost because they are failed to acted on? Our planet is occupied by 7 BILLION people and likely the collection of brilliant ideas that could have been may have solved all of our worldly woes. People are afraid to come up with new ideas because of the fear of failure. And it's hard work trying to come up with ways to implement a new idea. For example, I wish there was a "sock-of-the-month club." I came up with this idea and think it would solve this huge issue for me - a big bag of mismatched socks. It drives me crazy. And I have to wear socks that match my shoes (thin vs. thick), my pants (black, blue, gray, beige, tan), season (wool, polyester blend, cotton blend, festive) and activity (hiking, walking, running, bicycling, yoga). I buy socks regularly because of this dilemma and I hate it. So a sock-of- the month club - using the Netflix model -enables customers to send back socks that are mismatched, check your queue for the socks that you'd like to wear for that month and what you need and continually have regular pairs of socks coming in for you and your family. BRILLIANT, right? My husband says I'm weird but that's only because he wears the same damn socks every day and all of his match.

Okay, so now you are asking, "Well Miss Smartypants, why don't you go out and do it." Here is a short list of why not (in no particular order):
1) Who manufactures the socks?
2) Would I go to existing sock manufacturers or partner with a single sock maker?
3) Web site design that is user friendly and customer friendly.
4) How much money would I need to start?
5) Write a business plan (duh, I'm a business teacher)
6) Could I do this out of my home?
7) Who would I need to hire to ensure fast and efficient delivery?
8) Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?
9) Can I get my daughters to help me?
10) How do I make sure it is successful?

See what I mean - too much to think about. I think I'll just go buy some new socks.

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